3 Signs Your Home's Water Well May Need Its Filtration System Checked


If your home depends on a well for your family's water needs, you want to make sure the filtration system is working properly. However, if you start noticing the following three things, these may be signs that your water well may need its filtration system checked.

Water Has A Strange Odor And Taste

When your filtration system is no longer working as it should, one of the first things you may notice is a change in the odor and taste of your water. When the water is running, you may detect a subtle stench that may remind you of rotting eggs. Also, the flavor of your foods containing water may start to take on a bitter or foul flavor. 

These changes in your water are caused by something getting past the filter, such as dirt, minerals, or even possibly bacteria. If your water quality has dramatically decreased, you may want to have a water well service test it, as well as inspect your filter.

Stains Are Present On Your Clothes After Washing Them

If you start to notice stains appearing on your clothes that were not present before you put them in the washing machine, this could be a sign that your filter is not working properly. Normally, the system filters out dirt and minerals so that your water is crystal clear.

However, if there is a hole or the filter has become clogged, the debris may be making its way into your home. When you wash your clothes in this tainted water, light or dark brown stains may begin appearing.

Mineral Deposits Form Around Your Faucets

When the filtration system is no longer able to remove minerals from your home's water, you may start to see white, scaly deposits from around your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Over time, these deposits of calcium, lime, and other minerals could clog up the screen on your kitchen faucet or the holes in your shower head.

These minerals in your water can also turn it into hard water. Hard water could eventually stain other household items, such as dishes. One simple way to test this is to leave a glass of water out on the counter for a few days. As hard water evaporates, you will see a crusty film form on the inside of the glass where the minerals are left behind.

If you notice one or more of the above signs, your filtration system may need servicing or replacing. You may want to contact a water well service so they can inspect the system and test your water, as well as discuss any options available to ensure your water supply is safe.


14 May 2017

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