Consider Dry Pelleted Fertilizer On Your Farm


As a farmer, your crop is your lifeblood. It is most important that you have the best crop possible, and that is only possible with a great deal of time, work, and equipment. As any farmer knows it is very important to use a good fertilizer. You may see many different types of fertilizer on the market, but you one you should give serious consideration is organic dry pelleted fertilizer. While there are many different fertilizers on the market, here are a few different reasons that you should consider organic dry pelleted fertilizer.


To think that every soil is the same is to make a mistake without question. It is important that you fertilize to your own personal soil. This is where many farmers make a mistake in fertilizing the exact same way each year, or from place to place. Soil samples need to be ran, and then fertilizer needs to be customized to the soil specifically. The type of crop you are growing will have a direct impact on the type of fertilizer that you need. Organic dry pelleted fertilizer can be completely customized each year to give your soil the best nutrients for your crop. 

It Is About The Soil

You may see many farmers spray a great deal. They will be spraying pesticides and fertilizer, but this may not be the very best way to fertilize. First of all, you have to wait for a near perfect day to spray because the wind can carry away a lot of your fertilizer. Second, spray fertilizer will hit the leaves of the plants. The best way for a plant to utilize the nutrients of your fertilizer is through the roots. Dry pelleted fertilizer soaks into the the soil and directly impacts the most important aspect of nutrient uptake. 


There is nothing quite like cow, pig, or chicken manure to fertilize your pivots. The smell can be downright terrible. In fact you may have a few neighbors a few miles off that curse your name when you start fertilizing. One very nice benefit of using dry pelleted fertilizer is that the smell does not carry, and it is not nearly as potent as fresh manure. You will be able to lay pellet down all day and will hardly have to smell the fertilizer itself. Your family and your neighbors will likely thank you for making the switch to dry pelleted fertilizer. 


15 August 2017

Understanding Agricultural Concerns

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