A Potted Wildlife Tree Display For Small Outdoor Areas


Potted wildlife trees provide shade, shelter, and nutrients for reptiles, butterflies, insects, and birds. If limited outdoor space has prevented you from pursuing your love of gardening, learn how you can use potted wildlife trees to add an alluring area outdoors that will be sure to attract many native wildlife species.

Tree Maturity Variables

Adding potted trees to your landscape will require you to research tree maturity rates and put a plan into motion that will coincide with how you plan on using the trees once they reach maturity.

If you have a decent-sized front porch or patio that you can dedicate to using as an outdoor sanctuary, potted tree varieties that aren't destined to grow to be tall or wide can essentially remain in their pots throughout their lifecycle. Dwarf trees may be small in size but definitely aren't limited to the manner in which they can beautify a property or provide essential resources for wildlife.

If you have someone who would appreciate receiving a potted wildlife tree when it grows larger, consider investing in some small potted trees now and caring for them for the time being. Once the trees outgrow the amount of space you have to care for them, gift them to those who would enjoy owning a wildlife tree.

Outdoor Display Ideas For Your Trees

Potted wildlife trees may come in decorative pots that a nursery or landscaping center supplies. As long as each tree that you purchase is supplied with a pot that contains multiple drainage holes, the dirt within a pot will be able to adequately drain excess rainwater. Your outdoor display can consist of a layered look, which involves placing a grouping of trees in the corners of your porch or patio. Choose potted trees of various heights and that contain a wide range of colors and textures.

For a more uniform outdoor display, add one potted tree to each side of a stoop or set up one tree in each corner of a hardscaped surface. Learning about your tree species will help you pinpoint what type of upkeep you will need to perform.

Hardwood varieties may have leaves that turn various colors prior to falling off of the trees. Softwood varieties may stay a rich green color throughout the year. Your trees will require varying amounts of sunlight and water. Pruning your wildlife trees should involve removing dying branches as needed.

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20 September 2022

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