The Importance Of Commercial Land Surveying


The process of commercial land surveying involves inspecting and marking a commercial property to identify its true boundaries. The surveyor will also inspect any building on the property to ensure they're constructed within the rules of local zoning regulations. The surveyor will check to see what zoning rules there are for the property, so you can ensure that you use it in a legal way.

Here are some examples of why commercial land surveying is important:

Identify Safety Hazards

Some commercial properties can have safety hazards that you should know about beforehand so you can either fix them or choose another property. Some examples include chemical contamination, fall hazards, dangerous constructions, etc. A commercial land surveyor will identify any safety hazards that exist on a property you're interested in buying, so you can make a decision based on their findings.

Check for Potential Environmental Concerns

Aside from the safety of people who will use your commercial property, there may also be issues that could potentially cause harm to the environment. Whether it's land contamination, water contamination, etc., you'll want to know about these things before you buy a commercial property. A commercial land surveyor will check for potential environmental concerns so you know what you're dealing with. 

Check for Easements

Some commercial property owners have easement agreements with their neighbors that allow them to use parts of the property. It may be a road that runs through the land, water they use for fishing, or land that their cattle graze on. A commercial land surveyor will find out if there are any easement agreements for the property you're interested in buying, so you can determine if it will cause you any problems with running your business.

Check for Potential Building Code Violations

If there are any buildings on the commercial property you're interested in buying, they must be constructed according to the local building codes. A commercial land surveyor will determine if that's the case. If not, you'll be responsible for correcting the code violations, or you might not be able to use the building at all.

Identify and Mark True Property Borders

Some commercial properties don't have correctly documented and marked land borders. It's vital that you know exactly where the property borders are, so you don't have any border disputes with nearby property owners. A commercial land surveyor will determine exactly where your property borders are, document them, and mark them so you can easily identify them.

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18 May 2023

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