The Importance Of Commercial Land Surveying


The process of commercial land surveying involves inspecting and marking a commercial property to identify its true boundaries. The surveyor will also inspect any building on the property to ensure they're constructed within the rules of local zoning regulations. The surveyor will check to see what zoning rules there are for the property, so you can ensure that you use it in a legal way. Here are some examples of why commercial land surveying is important:

18 May 2023

What You Need To Know About Miniature Highlander Cows


Did you know that just like miniature horses, you can raise miniature cows? Miniature Highlander cows, to be exact. Miniature Highlanders are becoming increasingly popular among farmers and pet owners alike. Here's a closer look at this unique breed and what makes them so special. What Is a Miniature Highland Cow? Miniature Highlanders are a relatively new breed of miniature cow. They were developed by crossing Dexter cows with traditional Highland cattle.

11 January 2023